Car Rust Removal

Repairing car rust isn't rocket science, but it does require experience and expertise. 

To restore your vehicle to roadworthy condition, we draw on 20 years experience panel-beating experience and 10 years specialising in car rust.  So we know that when we return your car its ready for its WOF re-check. 

Expert rust removal is important for the safety of your vehicle and to safeguard its value — people don't buy rusty cars.
We do it once and we do it right.

Each panel is personally handcrafted to each job.


A-pillar showing signs of bubble rust
A-pillar showing signs of bubble rust.  Often paintwork conceals the true extent of the spread of rust.
The area is exposed with all fittings removed so the area can be fully assessed.  Replacement plating is measured and moulded.
Car rust repair
New plate for car rust
The old section is cut away and the replacement plate is welded into place.
Filler is added to in preparation for final re-surfacing
New contour following rust repair
The original contour is crafted.
Finished Primed ready for paint.
Car rust repair ready for painting